Engaging the community

From left: Kevin Sagara, Lisa Cashman and Tony Toranto

Assistant Professor Eiman Azim and neurosurgeon Sharona Ben-Heim, a visiting scientist from UC San Diego, spoke about the neurological basis of movement at the Salkexcellerators‘ spring forum in February. At the fall forum in October, Associate Professor Wolfgang Busch spoke about his research on root growth.

Salkexcellerators are the next generation of community members committed to supporting scientific discovery at the Institute. The program provides social and educational events throughout the year and supports a fellowship fund for the Institute’s post-doctoral researchers.

Shaw speaks at President’s Club

Professor and Director of the Salk Cancer Center Reuben Shaw addressed the President’s Club at its annual holiday luncheon on November 29, speaking about the science behind Salk’s plan to defeat five deadly cancers. Contributions at the President’s Club level are allocated to the areas of greatest need and make it possible to recruit and retain top-tier scientists, acquire the latest technology and fuel innovative research initiatives.

Keep on Pedaling

Salk’s Geoffrey Wahl (second from left) and representatives of other institutions accept a donation check from Pedal the Cause. Image credit: Pedal the Cause

Twenty-six intrepid cyclists from Team Salk Cancer Center participated in the annual Padres Pedal the Cause fundraiser on November 11–12, which raised $2.4 million for cancer research—the most attained in the event’s five-year history. The funds will be shared with three other local cancer research centers.

The perfect fifth

Zlata Chochieva (pictured left) and Satchidananda Panda (pictured right)

The fifth season of the popular Salk Science and Music Series continued on December 3 and February 4 with classical performances accompanied by talks from Salk scientists Satchidananda Panda and Tatyana Sharpee, respectively. The season concluded on April 8 with a piano concert by Zlata Chochieva and a talk by Assistant Professor Edward Stites.

Ellen Potter symposium celebrates second year

Salk welcomed more than 30 middle school and high school science teachers to the second annual Ellen Potter Research Connections for Teachers Symposium. The event, named in honor of the Institute’s long time Education Outreach director, who retired last year, featured Salk scientists speaking on the theme of “Bench to Bedside,” highlighting the challenges of translating biological research into biomedical therapies.

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