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COVID-19 Feature

A closer look at the novel coronavirus

In this video and infographic, learn more about the structure of SARS-CoV-2, the newly emergent virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic infection.

COVID-19 Feature

Apart but together

As COVID-19 spreads across the world, organizations like the Salk Institute have mobilized to respond. In this feature article, read about how the Institute is adapting and continuing its groundbreaking science.

COVID-19 Feature

A conversation with Martin Hetzer

In the last few months, Salk Vice President and Chief Science Officer Martin Hetzer spearheaded the Institute’s efforts to respond to the pandemic from both an administrative as well as a scientific perspective.

COVID-19 Feature

New COVID-19 research projects

In addition to Salk’s ongoing research areas relevant to COVID-19, several new coronavirus-specific projects have recently launched. These innovative projects range from understanding the structure of the virus to mobilizing the body’s immune reaction.

In the News

Update on initiatives to support diversity and BIPOC

Learn about the Institute’s commitment to and actions around diversity and inclusion.


Eiman Azim

In this Q&A, Assistant Professor Eiman Azim shares his thoughts on what’s next in neuroscience, how all scientists are philosophers and what he learned about movement from observing his newborn.


Nasun Hah

As the director of the Next Generation Sequencing Core, Staff Scientist Nasun Hah collaborates with everyone from plant biologists to neuroscientists to provide support and information about sequencing genes and entire genomes.

Next Gen

Molly Matty

Molly Matty, a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Associate Professor Shrek Chalasani, shares what worms can teach us about human behavior, why science outreach is so important and why she enjoys puns.

President’s Letter

“The Salk Institute has tapped its experts in virology, immunology and infectious disease on potential approaches and put together a committee to identify and review COVID-19 research proposals.”

Rusty Gage
President, Salk Institute



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Donor appreciation event

Donor appreciation event

On November 20, Salk supporters were honored for their generous contributions leading to a productive year of science in 2019 at the Institute. Salk scientists shared updates on current research and how donor philanthropy accelerates scientific discovery. The event was attended by Salk leaders, Board members, faculty, staff, volunteers and community donors.
Education Outreach High School Science Day

Education Outreach High School Science Day

On February 29, Salk faculty and staff brought science to life for the next generation of scientists with the 30th March of Dimes High School Science Day. The half-day annual event is designed to encourage high school students to consider an exciting career in science and research. The Institute welcomed about 300 students from all […]
Shadel shares the basics of mitochondria

Shadel shares the basics of mitochondria

Highlighting one avenue of research as part of the Institute’s Optimizing Aging Initiative, Salk Professor Gerald Shadel shared details about his work on mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells. On February 12, Shadel, who holds the Audrey Geisel Chair in Biomedical Science, discussed the role mitochondria and mtDNA play in aging and disease to a full […]
Salk Science & Music Series hits the right note

Salk Science & Music Series hits the right note

The Salk Science & Music Series played on with two events in the lineup from the current season. The first event on November 3, 2019, delighted guests with the science of Professor Gerald Shadel and music of pianist Fei Fei Dong. Attendees were treated to the beautiful sounds of Alessio Bax and Lucille Chung on […]
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