The Salk Institute Council gathers to explore next-generation science

The Salk Institute Council held its annual gathering on Salk’s campus. Salk ambassadors and philanthropic leaders received the latest research updates on our scientific initiatives. Attendees had an opportunity to participate in exciting discussions surrounding these presentations in addition to dinner with faculty and leadership.

Salk Women & Science honors awardees, reveals new insights into climate research

(Pictured above) Salk Women & Science Special Award Recipients (above, left to right): Kathleen DelGiorno, Cuiqing Zhong, Neeraja Vegesna, Shani Stern, Kathleen Quach, Rusty Gage (President), Lydia Daboussi, Emily Manoogian and Isabella Farhy-Tselnicker. Not pictured: Shefali Krishna.

A Salk Women & Science event took place on March 21, giving attendees a chance to hear from the women who are helping usher in the next generation of breakthroughs. Additionally, 20 Salk scientists were awarded professional development grants. Three students, one each from middle school, junior high and high school, also were recognized.

The Heithoff-Brody Summer Scholars program

The Heithoff-Brody High School Summer Scholars program represents a lasting expression of Jonas Salk’s desire to provide young learners with a foundation on which they can become scientific leaders. Participants are able to work in the labs, and they receive a stipend for their work, as well as hands-on experience. This year, 12 students participated in the program. Some of the research areas they were able to explore included stem cells, plant biology and molecular neurobiology.

Salkexcellerators continue transforming science

Salkexcellerators are a dynamic group of influencers, based in San Diego and New York City, who share a commitment to supporting scientific discovery at Salk. As part of the program, they are invited to come to Salk and participate in lab tours and meet-and-greets with faculty who benefit from their generous support.

Salk hosts Uranium + Peaches

The Salk Institute was home to the premiere performance of the one-act play Uranium + Peaches. The event, devoted to exploring science and its social consequences, was generously underwritten by Joan and Irwin Jacobs and included a panel discussion after the play.

Lyumkis goes back to basics

Recently promoted Assistant Professor Dmitry Lyumkis presented at the most recent Salk Back to Basics event, discussing the use of cryo-electron microscopy to understand the atomic structures of viral machinery used by HIV and other illnesses to infect the body.

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