Save the Date: May 25, 2023 The science of forensic identification decisions and what it means in the criminal legal system

Please join us for the launch of Salk’s Science & Justice series. During this inaugural event, neuroscientist and Professor Thomas Albright will join Peter Neufeld, civil rights lawyer and co-founder of The Innocence Project, to discuss the latest research on visual perception and memory, how that influences forensic identification decisions, and what that means for justice in our criminal legal system. Through an engaging moderated discussion, the speakers will break down the topics above based on their respective areas of expertise and collaborations and explore how a modern scientific understanding of visual perception and memory can help to overcome failures of forensic practice and guide courts toward greater justice. Members of the public and individuals involved professionally in criminal law, scientific research, public policy, and social justice, who follow and/or await developments in this realm will have a unique opportunity to learn more about the intersection and contradictions between science and law during this event. A reception will follow the discussion. For more information, please visit

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