Congratulations to our 2022 Salk Women & Science Research Award recipients

Top from left: Katia Troha, Anna Gauthier, Anna-Maria Globig, and Jasmin Revanna.
Bottom from left: Yuening Liu, Caroline Jia, Monika Ramos, and Brittany Ellis Jewell.

Anna Gauthier | Joseph Noel’s lab
Discovery of disease tolerance mechanisms for plant and global health

Anna-Maria Globig | Susan Kaech’s lab
How the nervous system regulates immune cells called CD8+ T cells in viral infections and cancer

Brittany Ellis Jewell | Reuben Shaw’s lab
Metabolic regulation in colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, and colitis

Caroline Jia | Kay Tye’s lab
How social exclusion changes the way the brain and body respond to physical pain

Yuening Liu | Pallav Kosuri’s lab
How the organization of cells and their interactions affect the outcome of heart disease

Monika Ramos | Daniel Hollern’s lab
Consequences of Lyme disease on cancer risk and behavior

Jasmin Revanna | Rusty Gage’s lab
How brain cells called microglia contribute to Alzheimer’s disease

Katia Troha | Janelle Ayres’ lab
Methionine protects the brain against infection

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