Congratulations to our 2022 Salk Women & Science Research Award recipients

Top from left: Katia Troha, Anna Gauthier, Anna-Maria Globig, and Jasmin Revanna.
Bottom from left: Yuening Liu, Caroline Jia, Monika Ramos, and Brittany Ellis Jewell.

Anna Gauthier | Joseph Noel’s lab
Discovery of disease tolerance mechanisms for plant and global health

Anna-Maria Globig | Susan Kaech’s lab
How the nervous system regulates immune cells called CD8+ T cells in viral infections and cancer

Brittany Ellis Jewell | Reuben Shaw’s lab
Metabolic regulation in colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, and colitis

Caroline Jia | Kay Tye’s lab
How social exclusion changes the way the brain and body respond to physical pain

Yuening Liu | Pallav Kosuri’s lab
How the organization of cells and their interactions affect the outcome of heart disease

Monika Ramos | Daniel Hollern’s lab
Consequences of Lyme disease on cancer risk and behavior

Jasmin Revanna | Rusty Gage’s lab
How brain cells called microglia contribute to Alzheimer’s disease

Katia Troha | Janelle Ayres’ lab
Methionine protects the brain against infection

26th Annual Symphony at Salk

Salk’s acclaimed annual concert under the stars and largest fundraiser of the year raised more than $1.1 million to support the Institute’s leading-edge research in the fields of aging, cancer, neuroscience, immunology, climate change, and more. The event was held in the Institute’s iconic Courtyard on August 20 and featured a breathtaking performance by Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award-winning singer Ben Platt and the San Diego Symphony, conducted by Sean O’Loughlin and presented by Joan and Irwin Jacobs. The 26th Symphony at Salk was made possible by many generous sponsors, including Zenith sponsors Joan and Irwin Jacobs; Golden Sun sponsors Karen and Don Cohn and Daniel and Martina Lewis; and Supernova sponsors BioMed Realty, Rita and Brian Kaspar, Dr. Frederik Paulsen/Ferring Pharmaceuticals, and Mary Jane Salk.

Women & Science: A Discussion on Diversity and Mentorship

On November 2, the Salk Women & Science program held a special event to announce the 2022 Women & Science Research Award recipients and discuss the importance of diversity and mentorship. The event featured keynote speaker Lola M. Adeyemo, founder and CEO of EQI Mindset LLC, co-founder and COO of Sapient Logic LLC, and author of the book Thriving in Intersectionality: Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America.

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