Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging
Getting older doesn't have to mean getting sicker. We are committed to discovering the fundamental causes of aging and finding new ways to prevent and treat aging-related diseases.


Trends in Pharma Sciences

Researchers report new methods to identify alzheimer’s drug candidates that have anti-aging properties

Old age is the greatest risk factor for many diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and cancer. First author and Professor David Schubert, senior author Pamela Maher and colleagues identified a unique subclass of anti-aging compounds, dubbed geroneuroprotectors. These potential AD-drug candidates slow the aging process in mice.

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Genome Biology

Age is more than just a number: machine learning may be able to predict if you’re in for a healthy old age

Assistant Professor Saket Navlakha and Vice President, Chief Science Officer and Professor Martin Hetzer, along with first author Jason Fleischer and colleagues, analyzed skin cells ranging from the very young to the very old and found molecular signatures that can be predictive of age. By better understanding the biological processes of aging, this work could help to address health conditions that are more common in advanced age, such as heart disease and dementia.

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